Display Fabrics for exhibition and wedding displays

A huge range of display fabrics for retail displays, exhibition displays and wedding displays. Many of our Display fabrics are Fire Retardant so can be used in commercial premises.

Fire Retardant Hessian
6mm round sequins

Many display fabrics can be used for exhibition, craft projects and kids toys, while many display fabrics are used as Notice board and Wall covering. Some display fabrics like Sequins fabric can also be used for fashion and costumes.

Our range of display fabrics include Glitter Fabrics, Hessian, Satins, Voiles, Suede, Blackout and Fire Retardant Leatherettes.

Listed below are some of our quality products line in this category.

  • Fire Retardant Printed Pebbles
  • Orion Blackout inherent Flame Retardant
  • Fire Retardant Cotton Drill
  • Dazzle Glitter Fabric For Wallcoverings

For a full range visit our Display Fabrics category.


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