Fabrics suitable for summer and their uses in various projects

As spring draws to a close and summer begins our range of fabrics is updated. Our selection of summer fabrics are great for many practical and decorative uses and come in a huge range of colours and styles. As well as an expanding our selection of colours for the season we’ve now expanded our range to some more lightweight and breathable fabrics perfect for use in warmer temperatures. With a wide collection of coatings and textures available our seasonal fabrics, the amount of possible uses for our summer range is boundless.

Airtech mesh fabric
Airtech mesh fabric
Madrid water resistant fire retardant polyester
Madrid water resistant fire retardant polyester

Fabrics suitable for summer projects

Many fabrics in summer range are very lightweight and breathable making them perfect for a variety of projects suitable for the summer. Different voiles come in a diverse selection of colours and are extremely lightweight and breathable making them perfect for dress making and draping as well as furnishings such as curtains and furniture covers. The lightweight nature of voile makes it ideal for use on summer dresses and airy, lightweight clothing and perfect for wearing as the weather gets warmer. Voile is also perfect for displays and draping due to its lightweight and floaty nature and the range of colours that it comes in. Along with voile, our other lightweight fabrics include linen and cottons which, due to their natural fibre content, are very breathable and comfortable to wear in the summer. Cottons in particular possess all these qualities as well as being more resistant to abrasion than other lightweight fabrics and therefore are perfect for comfortable and long lasting clothing and decorative furnishings.

Some summer fabrics come in a number of practical and safety enhancing coatings. For example waxed canvas cotton with waterproof qualities and is also extremely abrasion resistant due to its protective wax coating. The waxed canvas also has an aesthetically pleasing antique finish making it a perfect fit for stylish outdoor furnishings and comes in a variety of colours. Waterproof and flame retardant polyester fabrics are ideal for lightweight protective clothing and come in wide selection of colours to choose from. Popular uses for coated fabrics include outdoor furnishings, furniture covers, tents, camping and hiking gear. Coated fabrics are also popular for use on waterproof lightweight jackets and stylish indoor furnishings due to their coatings and wide choice of colours and styles. While the coatings on this range of fabrics are protective and abrasion resistant, they maintain a lightweight and breathable nature making them extremely practical for use in the summer.

Voile fabric used in room decoration

Our summer fabrics range

In our new seasonal range we also have a selection of more luxurious and elegant dress fabrics. Our silk dupion is 100% hand loom Indian silk and has an extremely lustrous feel. The hand loom technique gives the silk unique slubs in its texture which accentuates the beauty of raw silk and compliments its lustrous texture. The silk dupion comes in a vast array of colours and is perfect for elegant evening clothes as well as covers for interior furnishings along with curtains and wall hangings. As well as silk we also stock sequined satin in a variety of colours which has a lustrous feel and appearance and is ideal for use on costumes and displays due to its drape and softness. Along with our more luxurious fabrics with visual uses, we stock a variety of other fabrics perfect for an array of aesthetic uses, including hessian which lends itself to use on displays, decorations and centre pieces due to its stiffness and rough texture and vintage look, along with our range of fishnet fabric which can be used to allure to specific themes when used in a display or decoration.

Silk dupion fabric
Silk dupion fabric
100% linen fabric soft furnishings
100% linen fabric soft furnishings

Our new summer range is ideally suited for a number of great seasonal uses including practical summer clothing and outdoor furniture along with many other dynamic visual uses such as evening clothing and beautiful interior projects. Whatever the purpose of your projects this summer; the diverse selection of uses for our summer fabrics is bound to meet your seasonal needs. Listed below are some our popular fabrics suitable for different summer projects.

  • Different voiles in a diverse selection of colours
  • Linen and Cottons
  • Waxed Canvas Cotton
  • Waterproof and flame retardant polyester fabrics
  • Displays fabrics
  • Silk dupion

For a complete list visit our Summer Fabrics collection category.

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