Craft and Haberdashery accessories

At EU Fabrics we have a wide variety of craft fabrics and haberdashery products. Craft fabrics have special characteristics that makes it suitable to use for crafts. Craft fabrics can be used for clothing but many people have started using it to make bags, card making, felt products and general artistic projects.

More recently there has been a huge interest in crafting and quilting as a hobby. With all the recent TV programmes on Knitting, quilting and crafting this has generated a huge interest within the crafting industry. We at EU Fabrics have added many craft and quilting fabrics and accessories to cater for these needs. We have added craft fabrics like fat quarters, crafting fabrics that can make quilts and hessian fabric which is an amazing multi-dimensional fabric.

Alongside craft fabrics we have a wide selection of craft accessories. Not only craft fabric is a major source of inspiration but the accessories that come with designing craft works are in the thousands. We stock items ranging from card making supplies, glues and adhesives, quilting supplies.

Wide Width Acrylic Felt Fabric
Dylon Machine Dye with Salt 350g


Haberdashery accessories and their usage

We at EU Fabrics always offer quality products at competitive prices and the haberdashery department is an example of this. Our website and store is a one stop shop for fabrics and Haberdashery supplies.

We have many haberdashery items listed on our website ranging from Ribbon, Glues & adhesives, Fire Retardant sprays, Lace, pins and needles, to Glitter powder, buttons, Staple guns, Scissors, Cutting knives, Cutting mats, Dressmaker pencils and many more. We have over 400 colours of thread to choose from to match virtually any colour of fabric or project you are working on.

We keep all items regularly topped up especially the the most commonly sought after haberdashery items . These items including laces, tape measures, press studs, threads, buttons, needles, scissors are always available in bulk purchases. Look out for our volume discounts on larger orders as you will find you will benefit from huge savings.

Heavy Duty 3 Way Staple Gun

sale print ribbon



Following is a list of products from our craft and haberdashery category

  • Premium Tacky Glue 120ml
  • Satin Ribbon Sale Print
  • Contact Adhesive Spray 500ml
  • 1 Meter Folding Ruler

Visit our Haberdashery category for full list of products.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us for any of your haberdashery requirements as our friendly staff is always here to help.

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