Satin fabric, its uses in dresses and other fashion wear

Satin is a luxuriously shiny fabric that is woven with the weft floating over the warp creating a shine on one side of the fabric, the weave construction allows the fabric to drape and hold a good shape at the same time.

Originally produced in a shipping port in China where it has been present for many centuries it was only until the 12th century when satin was imported in to Europe through the Silk Road where it was used and loved by the rich.

Satin was initially produced using silk and made into luxurious dresses and garments, as it was expensive only the rich were able to afford it. However as time has progressed and textile industries developed other yarns and fabrics, Satin was then produced with nylon and polyester, creating a cheaper price point.

 Satin sweetheart dress by Leopold-Terence on flickr
 A Woven satin with glued-on sequins.

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Organza for wedding and home décor

Organza is a very thin lightweight plain weave meaning it is made with one of the most basic weaving techniques but it is durable as the weft and warp creates a criss-cross pattern, which then strengthens the weave. The material can be made from different yarns however the first type of organza was made from silk yarn many centuries ago in rural China and along the Silk Road.

Crystal Organza Fabric
Crystal Organza Fabric
 Princess Satin Blomma Flicka Klänningaränningar-med-flera-nivåer-organza-kjol-p2352.html A-Line satin klänningar med avtagbar centrum båge, backar justerbar satin slips för perfekt utseende Perfekt för blomma flicka, gemenskap, junior brudtärna och gradering Justerbar midja med skärp Mitt bak dragkedja Helfodrad Ytterligare nettning under kjolen

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Wool types, characteristics and end usage

Wool is a natural fibre taken from different animals, such as a sheep, lamb, rabbits, cashmere goats and camels too, they all have different properties and end usage. Wool usually taken from a sheep has many different types due to the different areas it can be taken from on the animal, such as the haunches (back legs) of a sheep the wool is very strong and long so it can be used for more heavy duty needs. The crimped and elastic characteristics of wool are distinctive and you can feel this when touching wool.

Poly Wool Fabric
Poly Wool Fabric
Italian Melton Wool Fabric 700GSM
Italian Melton Wool Fabric 700GSM


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Indoor and Outdoor Waterproof Fabrics

A selection of natural and synthetic waterproof fabrics that are inherently waterproof or treated to become water resistant. We stock a number of different types including PU, Canvas and breathable. These are extremely durable and can be used for clothing, baby wear, anoraks and bags. Also available are outdoor fabrics which have many uses including awnings, tents, wind breaks, outdoor furniture and tarpaulin sheets.

 Waterproof Fabric 4oz 
Waterproof Fabric Madrid Fire Retardant

We have Cotton Canvas Waterproof Fabric 14oz is a strong waterproof cotton canvas fabric. Used for tents, tarpaulins and many other heavy uses.

"A large tent made from Waterproof fabrics.

A list of top products lines in this category are given below.

  • 4oz Water Resistant Fabric
  • 14oz Waterproof Cotton Canvas
  • Madrid Water Resistant Fire Retardant polyester
  • 4oz Quilted Water Resistant overlap design

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Neoprene fabrics properties and applications


Neoprene is a synthetic material invented during the 1930’s it has revolutionized rubber and other synthetic rubbers in the industry. The properties of neoprene mean the fabric can be used in many different industries as it’s seen as a very durable and versatile material. It can come in many different forms and the formula can be adjusted to create the right material for a specific product.

Scuba diver wearing suit made from neoprene.
Scuba diver wearing suit made from neoprene.

It was originally invented by scientists at DuPont who created this compound and altered it after many tests and experiments this new creation is used in industries such as engineering, fashion, home wares, entertainment, aquatics and many other industries.

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The luxurious nature and uses of Silk fabric


Raw silk is a natural fibre made from a cocoon of different insects, process to produce silk yarns is intense, therefore making this one of the most expensive fabrics on the market and it has been produced for centuries in ancient China. Silk has anciently been associated with the rich due to its luxurious look and feel.

Synthetic silk has been invented as a cheaper option to silk with added benefits such as strength durability and shine. This is often called ‘artificial silk’ usually the synthetic silk is a mixture of Rayon and other fibres such as polyester woven to imitate silk to create satin. Bamboo is also combined with viscose to create something called bamboo silk.

Silk thread
Silk thread
Silk dry cocoon
Silk dry cocoon
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Curtain fabrics for soft furnishing

A substantial range of Curtain fabrics by the meter for your soft furnishing need. You have the option of buying branded or clearance ranges. We have printed designer linings, contemporary. Our curtain fabric options gives you the best opportunity to give your home a personalised look and bring your ideas to life.

Crushed Velvet Fabric
Crushed Velvet Fabric
Wide Width Heath Natural Curtain Fabric
Wide Width Heath Natural Curtain Fabric

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Velvet fabrics types and applications

Velvet is a very soft woven fabric. The term “velvety feel” does come from the tactile quality of Velvet itself, this is down to the unique way Velvet is produced by weaving two layers simultaneously and then cut apart to create this luscious fabric with short pile fibres that give the fabric texture and depth.

Velvet Fabric Spandex Velour

Cotton Velvet Fabric

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Hessian Fabrics for displays and notice boards

Hessian is a 100% natural jute also known as burlap is a woven fabric and historically was manufactured as a coarse fabric but with modern requirements has been developed into a jute fabric. Jute is much more eco-friendly material for bags, rugs, table runners, decorative, wrapping plants and shrubs.

burlap bulletin board by Melanie on flickr
burlap bulletin board by Melanie on flickr
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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