Faux Suede and its usage in fashion accessories, clothing and upholstery

Faux suede is an alternative for suede, the name is self-explanatory and any product with faux or actual suede will be highlighted and labelled as the correct name. Suede is one of the bottom layers of leather; it is a little fury with a longer pile making this the softer layer of a hide. Cow, goat and lamb hides are used to create suede products.

Suede was originally used to create gloves and other thermal products. However, it is not now to create a lining on leather goods like shoes, bags and wallets. This helps line the products with a softer material but still create a luxury product.

Faux suede is an alternative to the original suede as it is limited with production quantities as there is a long process to get the layer of suede to a good quality and colour needed for production. Faux suede is usually made up from a cotton backing base with a woven synthetic yarn to create the feel like microfiber, which has a plush pile with a suede feel.

Faux suede can also be made with fibres such as cotton, silk, linen and some synthetic yarns. The yarns are brushed and teased to create a faux suede look with similar texture as genuine suede.

Usage & Application

Faux suede is used on many different products and applications, due to the versatility and durability of this material compared to genuine suede. The added extra faux suede can bring to this product is the durability aspect, it can be made from synthetic yarns creating a stronger material that won’t get damaged as easily and can be protected against weathering, spillages and other stains and liquids.

Fashion Accessories

Suede is more commonly used on fashion accessories like shoes, bags, belts and purses. Any leather goods are often lined with suede as it is a cheaper alternative, with a softer more durable lining that will look attractive and still give a hint of luxury to the product when finishing it off.

Fashion clothing

Suede jackets, suede trousers and other fashion garments are a popular choice, especially in a colder climate as suede will help with warmth due to the heavy weight material but it can also protect against damp weather.

Upholstery fabric

Faux suede can be used on upholstering furniture and other interior accessories such a cushions, wall-hangings and throws. Faux suede is a good option for upholstery due to the soft texture of the fabric and it is a thicker fabric which is durable to cover furniture and last. The fabric is also coated to create a thin film protecting the fibres from spillages and stains this will ensure the longevity of the material and product.

Scatter cushions and other home accessories can be made up from suede especially in winter as it has a warming texture with a heavy weight for throws and floor mats.


Faux suede has been used in production on many items, both interior and exterior. It is an economical option compared to genuine suede so it is cheaper to use with different projects. It is a great option to use when lining any product or to be used on a fashion accessory to give it a luxurious look.

Faux suede is a versatile material that can be produced in many different variations and colours, which really helps when applying this material to any project. It is also a durable material due to the synthetic fibres and the maintenance required is quite low making this an easy fabric to look after and re-use.

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