Characteristics of Polyester voile and its applications

Voile is a lightweight fabric that can be produced with many different combinations of yarn; voile is a French word meaning veil reflecting the light fabric that is also semi-transparent. Polyester voile is made from fine synthetic yarns and they are woven very closely to produce this fine weave with a soft delicate touch.

Polyester voile has a slight sheen to it and this is great as the voile is semi-transparent and will add to the delicate look. It is a great use on prom dresses or as a veil. It has a touch of elegance to the fabric.
Voile can come in a variety of different compositions and fibres, such as 100% cotton voile, 100% polyester voile or a blend of polyester and cotton composition. Each variation has a different use and benefits depending on the application and user.

Polyester fibres are stronger and more durable so the aftercare and maintenance on the fabric is easily done. Cotton voile is made from natural fibres so it can crease easily, so looking after it can be slightly tricky.

Applications and usage

Polyester voile can be used for many different projects such as:


The polyester voile is used for a traditional wedding veil, which can come in different colours, compared to a tradition veil which is a lace veil that is limited in white or off-White colours.

Polyester voile can also be used to as an overlay material on dresses to create a light layered effect.

Ruffled dresses will also be made from polyester voile, as the thin fabric is easy to gather and manipulate. The durable fabric will allow the dress to maintain the composure of the ruffles and not fray or crease.

Many summer scarves are also made up from Polyester voile as it is a very fine weave, the scarves are often digitally printed on.

Soft furnishing:

Polyester voile can be used as light curtains in hot climates or soft drapes. The light fabric will give a softer look to the interior, the voile can also be layered to create different colours and effects or curtains and a backdrop both layered together. Mosquito nets are also made from polyester voile as the fibres are stronger and more durable so the other insects such as moths will not bite in to the fabric. It is lightweight to hang and cover a certain area without blocking the light coming through.

Cushion covers may also have some elements of polyester voile part of the appliqué or decoration, as a layering technique with embroidery on.


Polyester voile is more durable then some of the other voile’s on the market due to the strength of the polyester fibre. The soft texture delicate texture is great for a luxury look for the interiors or a dress.

Maintenance of the fabric is easy due to the synthetic fibres used. Washing polyester voile is easily done in a normal washing machine; however, ironing the voile must be done on a low heat as the fabric is very thin and may burn easily.

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