Organza for wedding and home décor

Organza is a very thin lightweight plain weave meaning it is made with one of the most basic weaving techniques but it is durable as the weft and warp creates a criss-cross pattern, which then strengthens the weave. The material can be made from different yarns however the first type of organza was made from silk yarn many centuries ago in rural China and along the Silk Road.

Crystal Organza Fabric
Crystal Organza Fabric
 Princess Satin Blomma Flicka Klänningaränningar-med-flera-nivåer-organza-kjol-p2352.html A-Line satin klänningar med avtagbar centrum båge, backar justerbar satin slips för perfekt utseende Perfekt för blomma flicka, gemenskap, junior brudtärna och gradering Justerbar midja med skärp Mitt bak dragkedja Helfodrad Ytterligare nettning under kjolen

Types of Organza

Silk Organza:

Silk cocoons were used to produce silk yarns, which were then used to weave a beautiful thin lightweight fabric called Organza. The high sheen created using the silk yarns gives this fabric a unique quality and therefore many designers for fashion, Interiors and other household items have used it for centuries.

The silk yarns have always created a strong and durable fabric so the Silk Organza has been a popular choice, as Silk Organza naturally comes in whites, ivory and neutral colours the dyed Silk Organza is available in different colours and shades.

Polyester/Nylon Organza:

Polyester or Nylon Organza is another alternative for Silk Organza as there are many advantages such as the price is cheaper than Silk as it mass produced so therefore you can buy more and is cheap to do so. This alternative is made in different colours and shades giving a depth of colour that isn’t available in Silk Organza making this a popular choice to use for many different projects and applications.

Different manufactures will create Organza with different aesthetics, such as a mirrored effect, crystal Organza and sparkled Organza. They are created with different finishes giving them different looks.

Usage/ Application

Organza is used for many different things from dresses to home decoration and interiors, Organza has been available for many years and the application has always changed depending on fashion and updating interior looks. It is a versatile fabric that can be used to layer, decorate and add another dimension to a decorative feature.


Organza is used on wedding dresses and prom dresses as layers over the top to create a light elegant dress, the under skirt can also be made from Organza as the light weight material allows you to layer without the dress getting too heavy.

You can also find Organza being used for veils and thin scarves over occasional dresses or bridal wear.

 Sherri Hill in red dress made from Organza
 A-line Sweetheart Floor-length Evening Dresses

Home wares & decoration:

Organza has been used as a thin fabric to decorate homes and add colour to curtains and blinds by framing them with a border. Cushions have been made out of Organza to add extra textures to a room with the sheen and semi transparency you can layer with other fabrics and textures to create a new look.

Home wares and decoration
Home wares and decoration


Silk Organza is a great material to be used for the durability and luxurious feels however it should be cared for in the correct way due to the natural qualities. Cleaning and washing the Silk should be dry cleaned to avoid any damage to the material. Polyester/Nylon Organza is easier to clean and can be done by hand.

Drying Organza should be done by hanging it or lying it flat to dry. Tumble-drying should be done on a low setting and ironing Organza should be done carefully on a low heat with a sheet of fabric or heatproof paper over the top to stop burns or damage.



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