Cotton shirting materials

Cotton shirting is a term used to describe 100% cotton fabric that has been woven tightly together to form a material that is of a slightly heavier weight and density making the fabric not as sheer as other cotton materials. This is the perfect material for a cotton shirt, this can be dyed or a pattern like stripes woven in to the material.

Cotton shirting can come in various different colours, weight and patterns. The most common types are just plain cotton with stripes, a pattern, or checked design within the fabric. The material is used on clothing mainly but can be used for other projects like interior products.

Cotton shirting fabric

Usage/ Application:


This material can be used to make shirts or a woman’s blouse, the material is perfectly woven to have a stronger tighter structure to give it a structured look. This will mean the fabric is less likely to be damaged with just wear and tear over the years.

Shirt dresses and long tops that have a structured style can be made using shirting material, this would be the same concept but as a longer styled top.

Bed pyjamas are often made from 100% cotton shirting, the minimalistic design within the fabric and the opacity of the material is a great combination for sophisticated pyjamas that are easy to maintain and clean.

Interior accessories

Bedlinen can be made up with cotton shirting, the high-density weave is perfect for a structured cotton bedsheet, this will ensure durability and a long-lasting product.

Curtains or blinds can be made with a backing or blackout out of shirting material as the heavyweight cotton material will allow a good drape and it will be cheaper to use this material for curtains or blinds.

Cushion covers can be made up using 100% cotton shirting as basic cushions, the fabric can be opaque so this would be great to use to a cushion cover with a simple design and they can be easily washed and maintained due to the nature of cotton.

Tablecloths or table linen can be made from cotton shirting as an alternative from linen cloths. The structured weave of the cotton will ensure a crisp tablecloth that some people would much prefer as it looks tidy and can be maintained easily.


100% cotton shirting has been used over the years on many different products and projects from fashion to interior design. It is a versatile material due to the properties of the cotton yarn, cotton is easy to maintain and wash including ironing after. It is also a durable material that can be used in the summer as it will keep you cool and the winter it will keep you warm, this is a natural property of the yarn.

It has a structured weave and therefore is durable to use for many different projects, the opacity of the material because it has been woven so tightly will mean it is an advantage to have as a combination. It is a cheaper material to purchase compared to other materials so you can use this for many different uses and applications, it is made with 100% cotton so it is bio-degradable and it is environmentally safer to use compared to other materials that have a synthetic mix.

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