Viscose Tartan applications, benefits and its care

Viscose Tartan is a make-up of synthetic fibres such as Polyester and Viscose, the percentage can vary depending on the manufacturer and the required outcome. It is a cost-effective fabric that imitates a Tartan look. Originally tartan was produced by weaving wool in a criss-cross pattern of different colours and variations, Tartan originates from Scotland and is still produced in high volumes.

The production methods have moved over to using synthetic yarns and machine woven to produce the fabric at a quicker pace resulting in a high volume of fabric at a low cost. The imitation tartan is used for many different projects and is available in different finishes and textures allowing tartan to be used openly.

Scotland Edinburgh Bagpipes wearing Tartan Fabric
Scotland Edinburgh Bagpipes wearing Tartan Fabric.
Excellent quality viscose tartan fabric in checks.
Excellent quality viscose tartan fabric in checks. Click image to visit product page.

Usage and Applications

Viscose tartan is mainly used for fashion items and dressmaking, the other uses are soft furnishing and home accessories.

  • Fashion: Due to the low maintenance of polyester and viscose using viscose tartan on fashion garments such as a blouse, casual tops, scarves and lining is a popular choice. The drape on viscose and polyester combination is easy to work with and creates a light piece of clothing that is easy to wear and look after.
  • Soft furnishing: Viscose tartan can be used to dress a room with items such as drapes, light cushion covers for decoration purposes and wall-hangings. The often-bright pattern will be used as a statement so this will add to a room or space. Viscose and polyester are both durable fibres so using the viscose tartan in a room or on a particular object that will be handled with light usage is durable and will be easy to care for.

Washing and Care

Caring for Viscose is an easier task then many fabrics such as silks or velvet, this is due to the synthetic yarns used to produce this fabric. Viscose can look and feel like soft fabrics like silk or cotton, this is why it is a popular option due the aesthetics. However, the fabric is stronger than cotton and silk therefore there is little maintenance with viscose.

Washing is as usual in a standard wash with like clothing at 30 degrees, it is best not to tumble dry. Spillages and stains are easier to take out, ironing on a temperature that is suitable for synthetics and this should be done with the clothing/fabric inside out to avoid any marks after ironing due to the steam.


Viscose tartan is a great alternative for the original woollen tartan, with cheaper cost and widely available. Using this material on various different objects or projects shows it is a versatile fabric you can get at a good price compared to the original tartan or other fabrics like silk. It is a mass-produced fabric so it will be available in different finishes and weights for you to choose the right one for your project ensuring the desired results.

Viscose tartan has something different compared to the standard tartan in wool, the sheen viscose carries also the soft texture adds to the advantages of a cost-effective fabric that is an all-rounder.

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