Polyester (Polyethylene terephthalate) and its application in fabric industries

Polyester also known as PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), which is another type of plastic. Polyester is a man-made fibre like other synthetic yarns, there are different combinations of polyester some mixed with cotton or other natural fibres. However natural polyester is made with natural plant cuticles. Invented in 1941, since then there are many uses and types of polyester fabric something for every project or user. Depending upon the combination and the way it is woven it can be a very effective material as the advantages can be seen as a solution to the disadvantages of using natural fibres.

Types of Polyester

Initial creation of polyester revolutionised the fabric industry as this new material was produced and it was crease resistant, durable and easy to maintain. Many years later with extensive research and changes to the structure and new technologies means polyester can be come in various combinations for apparel, household interiors, sports wear and many other items.
Polyester dress
Polyester dress
4oz Wadding Fabric
4oz Wadding Fabric
Some of the fabrics are mentioned below:

Polyester stretch

This combination has a higher stretch ratio compared to other polyesters as this is a close knitted fabric to ensure it is stretchy and will come back to its original shape. It is crease resistant due to the strong polyester yarn. Stretch polyester is used for sportswear due to the stretchy material making it easier to fit the body it is also ideal for sweat as it allows it to just slide off as it isn’t a strongly absorbent material.

Peach skin fabric

This velvety peach skin like fabric is how it has received its title; the soft fabric can be produced with polyester yarns or cotton. The process to fuzz the fabric and fluff it to create the feel of this fabric is done using enzymes and then to be abraded. Perfect use for dress making as the drape is beautiful and flowy. Interior products such as cushions and window drapery would be ideal with this fabric.


Is usually a mix of polyester and other synthetic fibres, this creates a silky feel which is great for drapery, blouses, dresses and other interior light upholstery items.

Brushed Tricot

Polyester brushed tricot is a smooth close knit which is a softer fabric due to the brushed aspect creating this comforting feel. It is usually made up from a higher content of polyester to ensure the durability and crease-resistant aspects. It can be used to line curtains, gloves jackets, upholstery padding and sportswear.  

Usage of other Polyester

Materials such as Crepe, organza and taffeta are some of the other polyester fabrics which are quite popular for dressmaking and drapery, due to the drape and silky touch. Polyester used for apparel is usually fine knitted to give it the stretch aspect in T-shirts, jeans, jumper tops and socks, this is also blended with lycra, cotton, and other yarns to help the end usage. Interior products use certain polyester and blended polyester fabrics for bed sheets, cushion covers, curtains and lining. Polyester is a durable fibre, so this helps with washing, usage and general maintenance.


Polyester has been used for many products and is being mass produced, however new technologies are developing to allow natural polyester to be used in other combinations, to help with sustainability and to produce more materials that are biodegradable.
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