Fire retardant fabrics for commercial and domestic safety and displays

Fire retardant fabrics are refer to fabrics that require a treatment to reduces the chance of catching a flame, where in normal circumstances it would burn. We have CRIB 5 upholstery , BS 5867 curtain and BS 5852 drape fabrics. We also stock inherently fire retardant fabrics in a variety of different widths and colours. Inherently fire retardant fabrics are of the highest quality which can be washed and dry cleaned without losing the fire retardant. Much of the exhibition, Stage, wedding and theatre industry uses these fabrics in great abundance.

Cordura Fabric 1000 Denier Royal Metro Leatherette Fabric Flame Retardant red

Befits of using Fire Retardant fabrics

Fire retardant fabrics are ideal for variety of uses due to their durability and protective qualities. Fire retardant fabrics also come in many different weights and textures. With a huge range of uses for both domestic and industrial, fire retardant fabrics are used to allow extra time to act in a fire situation, as well as to protect products that are often going to be exposed to fire or high heat through their uses. We stock an extensive range of flame retardant fabrics in a variety of colours and finishes with the versatility for a vast variety of uses.

Uses of fire retardant fabrics we stock

Our fire retardant fabrics have flame resistance built into they’re chemical structures making them perfect for maintaining safety in their uses. Some flame resistant fabrics are very light weight and have the look and feel of ordinary fabrics, with an added element of safety and protection. Some of our fire retardant fabrics are also a lot thicker due to a selection of heat resistant and abrasion resistant coatings which not only give the fabrics extreme protective qualities but also enhance the texture of the fabrics by either making them smoother or giving them more extreme textural qualities. Many of our fabrics come in a vast variety of different colours and patterns with, giving them both decorative and practical qualities and a broader range of uses.

Salina Art Center Reception Gallery
Salina Art Center Reception Gallery

As well flame resistance many of our fire retardant fabrics possess a wide variety of features that aid their versatility. Some of our thicker fabrics and waddings possess great heat resistant properties making them ideal for handling hot objects as well protecting from fire. Additionally some of our more heavy weight fire retardant fabrics such as our display fabrics have very strong structural properties and maintain shape extremely well due to their high density and stiffness. Along with high density fabrics our lighter weight fabrics have a lot of diverse uses due to their ability to drape like ordinary fabrics. Some of our fire retardant fabrics such as our felts and PVC also do not fray when cut, and our PVC’s, leatherettes and many of our coated fabrics possess water resistance and abrasion resistant qualities.

Blackout Fire Retardant
Blackout Fire Retardant

Due to the huge range of different types of fire retardant fabrics we have to offer, there are a large variety of possible uses. Our polycotton, cotton and velvet are ideal for use on soft furnishings such as cushions, throws, curtains and baby furniture. Along with these, our range of leatherettes is perfect for use on sofa covers, headboards and upholstery due to their durability and long lasting nature. Additionally our range of stiff display fabrics come in a variety of colours and textures which make them perfect for decorative wall coverings and displays. Our range of fire retardant fabrics also lend themselves to use on heat resistant clothing and tools. When our fire retardant polycotton is combined with wading or felt, they are great when used on oven gloves due to their thickness and heat resistant qualities. Additionally, our cotton, polyester, cordura and nylon are a great addition to kitchen accessories such as tea towels and aprons, along with protective clothing for sports and equestrian activities due to their durability and resistance to heat and abrasion.

Fire Retardant Fabrics used in Photo studio
Fire Retardant Fabrics used in Photo studio

Not only do our fire retardant fabrics add an aspect of safety to any product it’s used for, some also have a variety of other practical properties such as water resistance and abrasion resistance. With an extensive range of different, colours, coatings, textures, patterns and densities, our fire retardant fabrics are a perfect for making a vast variety of practical and safe products.

Some of our top product lines in Fire Retardant Fabrics are given below.

  • 1000D Denier PU/Kordura
  • Fire Retardant Hessian
  • Holographic Unsupported Clear Vinyl Fabric
  • Fire Retardant Upholstery Leatherette

Visit our full range of Fire Retardant Fabrics.

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